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I look forward to photographing your family! 

Your session will take place at:

8200 W County Line Rd, Mequon, WI 53097

We will meet at the main entrance. Please park in the parking lot on the right of the main building. We will take photos next to the nature playground. 


I wanted to give you a little more information about the session, what to expect, and a couple of helpful tips: I am a lifestyle family photographer, which means that you will get a good combination of posed family photos as well as those fun candid moments.


Typically with little kids, I like to play around with them and make sure they are having fun. Having three kids myself, I know how stressful sessions can be and I want to ensure that your session is fun and stress-free for both the kids and parents. 

What to expect: 

  • My goal for every family session is that they are fun, laid back and enjoyable! 

  • Petite Mini Sessions are 15 minutes in total. We usually start with a family photo so everyone can warm up to the camera, and then we do different combinations (siblings together, individual portraits of kids, mom and kids, dad and kids, etc.)

  • Please arrive 10 minutes earlier than your session time. Since these are timed mini sessions, if you are running late, your session won't be able to be extended.

  • I try to keep kids entertained and engaged through the session with a mix of candid photos and posed portraits. A lot of times we make a game of the posed photos to ensure genuine smiles! 

  • I will have you tickle your little ones, give them kisses, toss them up in the air and genuinely interact with them. If you have older kids, I will have them hug mom and dad. Eye rolls might ensue but genuine interaction is key. 

A couple of helpful tips:

  • Bring a favorite snack to the session as well as some water for them to have. Bug spray might be useful to have on hand. 

  • If you have older kids, make a little date after your session to go out for ice cream, pizza or do something fun. I have found that my own kids tend to cooperate better when they know we will have ice cream after the session. Mequon Public Market is very close and Purple Door Ice cream is my kids favorite treat post sessions! 


What to wear: 

  • Mequon Nature Preserve has lots of greenery and gravel paths. All of the photos on this page were taken in the location where we will be taking photos.

  • Find outfits that coordinate but don't completely match

  • Choose 3 to 4 colors that are mostly muted but with pops of color 

  • Add varying textures, it helps to break up your pictures, so you are not a sea of white t-shirts and jeans (remember that trend from the 1990's?!) Texture can be as simple as a rib knit dress or even adding layers. 

  • Stay away from loud colors (neons), busy patterns and big logos. For the most part, it is best to wear small patterned clothes.

  • I have put together a little Pinterest board of outfit ideas if needed.

  • Old Navy tends to carry "family outfits" with lots of different options for colors + textures 

What happens if it rains or if my child is sick:

  • I always check in with you 48 hours before the session to confirm. 

  • If there is rain in the forecast, we typically make the call the morning of your session to reschedule all sessions for that day. Please keep in mind, overcast is okay. We just want to make sure it's not raining during the session.

  • If you child is sick, please let me know 24 hours before your session by calling or texting me at (847) 373 - 2885. We can figure out the next steps, usually it's moving your session date to the next scheduled petite mini session day. 

Lastly, what to expect after your session: 

  • You will have your full online digital gallery within two weeks of your session date. The gallery is password protected but you are more than welcome to share with family. 

  • You can download images directly from the gallery onto your phones and computers. 

  • You can expect 20+ images from your session. I don't have a cut off amount, the only images that get erased are blurry ones, duplicates or ones with closed eyes. 

  • I convert about 25-30% of your gallery to black and white. I personally love timeless black & white images. If you would like any conversions from color to black & white or vice versa please let me know. 

  • You will have the rights to print your images on your own, however the online gallery is linked to a professional lab. I always encourage clients to purchase prints through the lab as their quality is amazing and best of all, the prints are competitively priced. If you would like to print on your own, please know that some places like Walgreens or Target don't keep up with their printers as much as a professional lab does, so what you see on screen might not match up to what you will see printed. 

Looking forward to photographing your family! If you have any questions before your session please email me.  

Love + Appreciation, 

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